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About us: 

Published by the Law Department of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, the "Juridical Tribune" Journal aims to become in time, through the contents of published materials, a standard of scientific research in the legal field. Legal debates platform published in Romanian, English or French, the Journal wants to reach a bridge between legal science researchers from worldwide.

Juridical Tribune – Tribuna Juridica imposes no processing or submission charges for the articles that it publishes. Authors transfer copyright and publishing rights to the publisher as part of a journal publishing agreement.

In the pages of "Juridical Tribune" readers will find three permanent sections. The first section, entitled "STUDIES AND COMMENTS" aims to publish articles, studies and case law comments in all areas of legal sciences. Our desire is to be included, in the journal, lively debate on topics of international interest to bring together reviews of comparative law, legal analysis to address major challenges arising under the dome of the European Union, and not least to study the particularities of national law. The case law comments will focus primarily jurisprudential rulings of international courts (ECHR, CJEU, ICJ etc.).

The second section, entitled – JURISPRUDENCE – will include relevant excerpts of the case of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union.peer-review_enarhiva_enbord-editorial_encontacts_enghidul-autorilor_en

The third section, entitled "JURIDICAL AGENDA" will be a space dedicated to presenting national and international legal conferences, emphasizing legislative proposals at EU level and listing of prestigious editorial events with a national and international character.

The name of this journal takes its origins in the interwar period. Thus, a journal entitled "Juridical Tribune" appeared in Romania, for the first time in the interwar period, in 1919. Between 1919-1923 the "Juridical Tribune" Journal had as managing director on Dimitrie Alexandrescu, a prominent lawyer at the time considered "the founder of comparative study of law in Romania" (M. Hacman).

In the pages of this journal have published juridical personalities of the time such as: Dimitrie Alexandrescu (1850-1925 – the author devoted to civil law compared to the interwar period, Bachelor of Legal Studies at the Universities of Nancy (1870-1871) and Paris (1871-1875), published excerpts from the Preliminary review of the civil code, drafted under the assignment given by the Commission of the unification of law and the Manual of the Romanian civil law compared with Austrian, Hungarian and Russian and other foreign legislations in the "Juridical Tribune" Journal, in 1921), Vintilă Dongoroz (1893-1983 – Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy, one of the principal authors of the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code adopted in 1968, a member of the Society of Comparative Legislation in Paris and the International Association of Penal Law published since 1920, studies, articles and annotations in the "Juridical Tribune" Journal), Alexandru Costin (1884-1948, vice president of the International Congress of Comparative Law at The Hague in 1931, member of Legislative Studies Society in Paris and Society of comparative law in Paris, member of the Romanian Academy).

The reappearance of the "Juridical Tribune" Review, at more than 90 years since first number came out in the light of day, we want to resume the tradition of comparative law debate inaugurated by Dimitrie Alexandresco in the pages of this Review. Also in this Review we want to resume the inter-war tradition of collaboration with major personalities of national and international legal framework.

The Review will appear both in print and online. In the website of the Review will find general information on the journal, summary of all fascicles published (in Romanian, English and French) and a forum for discussion of legal issues by all concerned.

Each article received for publication will be subject to "peer review" evaluation system to select only those articles which have a high scientific level and that match the profile of the journal.

The Review is addressed to all researchers, lovers of right judgments, and who wish to make their views known to the international debate. All these are expected to publish studies, articles and comments in the "Juridical Tribune" Journal.

Open Access Policy

This is an open access journal in on-line version which means that all content is freely available without charge to the user or his/her institution. Users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles in this journal without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author, but subject to the following conditions:

  • is mentioned the name(s) of the author(s), article title, that article is published in Juridical Tribune Journal and indicate page/pages cited of the journal;
  • exactly reproduction of the material when it is quoted, used, discussed or multiplied;
  • the copyright of the author(s) may not be infringed in any way.


Juridical Tribune Journal is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License



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  • Testimonials

  • Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies – the Rector’s Message to the appearance of the "Juridical Tribune” Journal

    We welcome the emergence of the "Juridical Tribune" Journal, published by the Law Department of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. We hope that this journal devoted to juridical sciences will determine the development of a pole of juridical research with international vocation in the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. However, we believe that this journal will contribute to education and training in support of reforming the juridical system and knowledge based society.
    Editors of the "Juridical Tribune" Journal aim to create a borderless area of ​​research, integrating research conducted throughout Europe. Review with an international dimension, published in Romanian and English or French, the "Juridical Tribune" Journal will be a bridge between researchers from major universities around the world, contributing to the visibility of research from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies.
    We hope that this journal will be well received by readers and will acquire a place of honor among juridical journals in our country.

    Rector of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies,
    Prof. ION GH. ROŞCA, PhD

  • La Tribune juridique vient de paraître.

    En tant que membre de la communauté des juristes de l'Université d'Orléans, je suis très heureuse de saluer l'apparition de ce premier numéro. Cette nouvelle revue enrichit la scène doctrinale roumaine et constitue un forum d'expression pour les scientifiques du droit roumain mais aussi français, européen et international. Dans un contexte de mondialisation et grâce à la collaboration de juristes de cultures et de sensibilités différentes, l'apport de ce nouveau périodique deviendra essentiel tant pour la recherche juridique nationale, qu'européenne ou mondiale.

    Souhaitons-lui longue vie!

    Catherine VINCENT
    Maître de conférences (HDR) en droit privé
    Centre de recherche juridique Pothier
    Faculté de Droit, d'Economie et de Gestion d'Orléans